Rocca, Stahl, Zveibil & Marquesi Advogados, established through a 10 years union of professionals with proven expertise in the legal field, advises companies, from different sectors and countries, in all legal matters, independent complexity of the cases.

The performance is based on well defined purposes, which are aligned with ethics, the high performance of professionals and the technical excellence of services, without leaving aside a very important characteristic: the personality, with each client being seen and treated as unique .

To offer excellence in service and always present the expected result, transparency is placed as one of the fundamental pieces, because it brings confidence and security. In addition, the passion for work is one of the factors charged within the team, which is stimulated to have an accurate business vision, respecting the interest of the client, but never leaving aside entrepreneurial thinking.

The continuous study and improvement, in addition to the permanent collaboration of multidisciplinary teams, helps during all the articulation of the strategic actions; agility in identifying problems and solving them in a timely manner; and also in the promotion of a service that allows to see the particularities.



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+55 11 3218-7288